Free Email Marketing Software

Send your first email campaign in under fifteen minutes with our free email marketing software, and sending subsequent campaigns takes mere seconds. E’s Email Marketing Software makes it simple to create email marketing campaigns.

So, you’re new to marketing and would like some free email software; you have found the right place!

Whether you’re a webmaster trying to promote your product or trying to update your subscribers of news and events, our free email software can handle the task. It’s the only free email marketing software we know of that is open source and is fully loaded!

Email Marketing Software

Why are we giving away our free email marketing software and what’s the catch? No catch, we’re simply hoping that coders will download our software and improve upon it. All we require is that modifications be sent back to us so that we may publish the new version for everyone to download and improve upon.

Our Free Email Marketing software does everything you need: it builds email campaigns, merges data to personalize email messages, delivers the email, allows you to manage unlimited campaigns, handles bounces and unsubscribes, provides basic email reporting, includes built-in email newsletter features and much more.

E-mail Marketing – HTML or Text?

Many studies insist that the majority of e-mail marketers choose HTML over plain text because html email leads to increased sales. Out free email marketing software comes with a built in utility that makes is easy for any user, regardless of skill level, to quickly compose and send electronic mail in HTML format.

Email Marketing Software – Benefits

  • A built-in database with unlimited email lists and unlimited email list size
  • Easy to use email database filtering logic so you can select only qualifying people from your email list
  • Automatic email bounce handling and unsubscribe handling
  • Built-in email delivery server that frees you from email limits placed by your ISP
  • Unlimited email message personalization is easy: just drop in any field from the database
  • Easy, common-sense database functions: import, export, even edit your subscribers’ records
  • On-screen HTML editor lets you build and preview your HTML email messages with no hassle
  • Save, view and reuse an unlimited number of email campaigns
  • Deliver email newsletters to readers
  • Send email news alerts to subscribers
  • Broadcast important email reminders to members
  • Email your suppliers, dealers or wholesalers
  • Conduct public relations campaigns
  • Email your voters and constituents
  • Invite family members to a reunion
  • Email your local customers and invite them back to your retail establishment
  • Send coupons or special offers to your customer base
  • Send securely through an SSL enabled site

Whether you are a computer novice or experienced in email marketing, our free email software is designed to meet your needs. Our free Email Marketing Software comes complete with documentation designed to guide you step-by-step through each and every phase of your email marketing campaign. If at any time you have questions or concerns about our free email software, you can send us an email and one of our online software support staff will answer your question. We are here to help you succeed with your email marketing efforts.

Free Marketing Tool Download

Our free email marketing software is programmed in visual basic and comes complete with source, forms and everything you need to create your own executable. No guessing what’s under the hood here! All code is easy to understand and well documented. Of course, if you want the latest version of our email software without having to compile it yourself, simply download the ready to run free email software.

By the way – when you download our free email software, it’s packaged in a .zip file and you’ll need to enter a password to unzip it. Simply enter ‘’ and you’ll have full access.

E’s Free Email Software is a strong proponent of permission email marketing.