Send your first email campaign in under fifteen minutes, and sending subsequent campaigns takes mere seconds. E’s Email Marketing Software makes it simple to create the perfect marketing campaigns.

Our email marketing software is one of the only free quality bulk email program around. Simply enter the code to begin your email marketing campaign (you’ll be prompted when you run the software).

Installing our Email Marketing Software

If you’re not using XP, you may need the [email marketing runtimes] if not using XP.

You can visit this site to obtain the source code, all we ask is that you submit any improvements to us so that we may update our release.

You may use our software for your own purposes, but may not redistribute.
This email marketing software is currently released as freeware. We will be publishing the source soon and port E’s Email Marketing program to open source shortly.
The following code will be required to install our bulk emailer: Email Marketing Software 224

E’s Direct Mail and Email Marketing solution is free for personal and business use. Please read the terms of service before using this software package.